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    The calibration instruments manufactured by JPIM can perform automatic or semi-automatic calibration on various dynamometers, pressure and temperature calibration of different electronic pressure gauges used in oilfields. In addition, it can also carry out inspection and calibration of multi-parameter drilling instrumentation system, drilling and workover weight indicators and tension meters; fast calibration of drilling and workover weight indicators; fast inspection of 0~10MPa bourdon tube pressure gauges at well site, and calibration of various types of hydraulic drilling and workover weight indicators and recorders as well. And the instruments can also perform calibration on Φ25, Φ32, Φ40, Φ50, Φ65 and Φ80 horizontal or magnetic induction surface water meters commonly used in oilfields.

 SDX/SHJ Dynamometer and echometer calibration equipment

 Magnitude Transfer Instrument-SHJ Echometer Calibrator

 SLD-2 flow meter calibrator

 SBZ-B1 Calibrator of Weight Indicator

 SBZ-D1 calibrator for multi-parameter drilling instrumentation system

 SY-GIV Pressure Gauge Calibrator

 SDX-IV Dynamometer Calibrator

 SBY-Q Automatic Pressure Gauge Calibrator