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    Well logging systems and tools are applicable to production logging and engineering logging in the middle and late stage of oil exploration and development, characteristic evaluation of multiple parameters in the oil reservoirs, development logging and perforation. It can be used for test of water injection profile in water injection wells, depth correction, leakage detectioan and other engineering tests.

 Model SJAT50 Cement Bond Combination Tool

 2¾ Dual-transmitter-three-receiver Acoustic Wave-Variable DensityCombination Logging Tools

 AT25 Logging Casing Collar Locator

 AT25 Electronic Logging Thermometer Gauge

 AT25 Electronic Logging Pressure Gauge

 SMC 38 Five-parameter Combination Logging Tools

 SMC 38 Four-parameter (Three-parameter)Combination Logging Tools

 SJAT-Ⅱ Cement Bond Combination Tool

 SGX3A Computerized Logging System