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One, is innovative developing (2004 so far)
    The system operating mechanism being changed to manufacture and managing the field once, being innovative developing (2004 thoroughly remolding oneself so far) through has been innovative , has decreased by administrative levels , has removed information cut off, enterprise control level gets very big rise , the reaction speed to the marketplace is accelerated; By the optimization deploy and combination to various resource,the working various business norm reinforces greatly. By that company for 1 year working , the staff and worker mental outlook having a bright , new look , science and technology level hoists unceasingly,the speed developing accelerates further , synthetical cost reduces unceasingly the new product, both economic effect and staff and worker income have had being prompter than increasing by quickly , participating in the market competition strength strengthening.

    ★the appearance factory responds to middle petroleum and chemical Corp. on August 25 in 2004
    ★reformation appeal to, the entirety changes system for Hubei Jiang Han petroleum instrument appearance Ltd.The place of incorporation is in Wuhan. Have entered the new development stage being indicating.
    ★on September 20 the company has held the celebration starting business ceremoniously , Hubei province Sha Yang county government and petroleum and chemical conglomerate have led celebration , the Jiang Han oil field bureau organ and two stage factory place , every oil field expert customer have participated in.
    ★ the JZ series points to the important form have gained the Hubei province "famous-brand product " certificate.
    ★Come the company to excellent employee having outstanding contribution to the company December having commended 1 year.
    ★ in 2005
    ★April, the stone key plate drill (construct) well points to the important indumentum Chinese mass association petroleum branch award "oil industry in 2004 the satisfied product of consumer".