•  Drilling / Workover
        It is mainly used to measure and display various engineering parameters as hook load,weight on bit,rotary torque,standpipe pressure,tong torque,  power tong torque, RPM,Pump SPM1#~3#, mud return flow (%), mud pit 1#~6# volume, total mud pit volume, total mud in, content of total hydrocarbon and H2S, height of block, well depth and others during the drilling or workover process.  It can help the driller to judge the operating situation of drilling rigs.
  •  High - pressure
        High-pressure instruments developed and manufactured by JPIM are applicable to take liquid sample with pressure from specific layers (depth) in different oil wells, oil-gas wells and water wells, as well in deep wells, viscous oil and barefoot wells. They are also used to test oil, gas and wells, test flow pressure and pressure build up, and dowhhole pressure, temperature in oil wells and water wells.
  •  Low - pressure
        Low pressure instruments manufactured by JPIM are mainly used for well-site test of dynamometer diagram, current curve of pumping unit, and liquid level. In accordance with recorded data such as dynamometer diagram and liquid level curve, various conditions of oil-pumping unit can be determined, thus providing scientific evidences for oil-well operation.
  •  Well Logging
        Well logging systems and tools are applicable to production logging and engineering logging in the middle and late stage of oil exploration and development, characteristic evaluation of multiple parameters in the oil reservoirs, development logging and perforation. It can be used for test of water injection profile in water injection wells, depth correction, leakage detectioan and other engineering tests.
  •  Calibrators
        The calibration instruments manufactured by JPIM can perform automatic or semi-automatic calibration on various dynamometers, pressure and temperature calibration of different electronic pressure gauges used in oilfields. In addition, it can also carry out inspection and calibration of multi-parameter drilling instrumentation system, drilling and workover weight indicators and tension meters; fast calibration of drilling and workover weight indicators; fast inspection of 0~10MPa bourdon tube pressure gauges at well site, and calibration of various types of hydraulic drilling and workover weight indicators and recorders as well. And the instruments can also perform calibration on Φ25, Φ32, Φ40, Φ50, Φ65 and Φ80 horizontal or magnetic induction surface water meters commonly used in oilfields.
  •  Petrochemical
        Mass Flowmeter is widely used in those fields such as petrochemical plants, food processing,pharmacy and papermaking. It is capable of making real-time measurement of mass flow rate, mass total, density and temperature of the process fluid, solid concentration, solid mass flow rate and total flow. It plays an important role in custody transfer and measurement of compounds.
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